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tART Crit: Nikki Schiro's China Paintings

Here I am, describing my 3 months in China; the environment, the culture as I found it, what was familiar, what was other-worldly, and how it all played into the 20 pieces of artwork I created there.

GREAT feedback from the girls.

Chinese Press News 99





NIKKI勇敢的离开美国纽约,来到成都最偏远最农村的“高地”艺术区做驻留艺术家。3个月来,用她异乡人的眼光打量成都的当代艺术,并让他们驻留 在自己的创作当中。正如此次展览策展人何工所说:“Nikki是个勇敢的人,敢于走出纽约来到“高地”,在这个世人看来与艺术无关的中国乡村作驻留艺术 家。成群结队前赴后继的蚊子、赶集时活杀鸡鸭的场景、能卷得像古巴雪茄一样的土烟叶、村民的婚丧酒席都表明这里不是纽约。报以后殖民式闯入者的心 态,Nikki自然地从宗主文化的立场好奇的看待眼前的事物,会同猎奇、想象和误读她亢奋而高效地生产作品,在这次有预谋的文化探险中登上了假想和隐喻的 乞力马扎罗。”



At 3:00 p.m. on October 31 2010, "as the board Kilimanjaro - NIKKI's Highland," solo exhibition American Women Artists NIKKI Blue Roof Art Museum in Chengdu.
The exhibition display pencil and pastel paintings by NIKKI, more than... 20 pieces of art. Her works mainly depict her experience in Chengdu's Gao Fandian, during a 3 month residency at "Highland" Arts District.
"Nikki is brave enough to leave New York and come to the “Highland”. She becomes a resident artist in a village of China which has nothing to do with art in people’s eyes. The mosquitoes in large groups, the scene of killing the chickens and ducks in the market, the tobacco leaves curling like Cuban cigars and villagers’ marriage and funeral banquets, all of these show that it is not New York. With an attitude of a post-colonial intruder, Nikki treats things she sees naturally from the standpoint of suzerain culture. With novelty, imagination and misreading, she has produced works excitedly and effectively. She ascends to Kilimanjaro of imaginary and metaphor in the planned cultural adventure." (writes curator and artist He Gong)
The foreign artist Nikki has had presence in Chengdu just only 3 months. This 3 months she has been stationed in the "highland" art district in the art, contemporary art from the area he described some of the Chengdu people point of view, these three months with her artistic circle of friends in Chengdu played very hot.
This exhibition held at Chengdu Blue Roof Museum is the first solo exhibition of a foreign artist in Chengdu. Indeed, art of communicating at home and abroad have raised the platform.

See News and additional photos at:

Chinese Press Blurb Jianhuan blog


服务同学 完善自我

这场展览虽然规模不大,但却十分有意义:美国年轻女艺术家妮基·施洛(Nikki Schiro)的个展。她8月从纽约来到成都,在成都高地艺术区生活和 创作了三个月,本周四刚刚回国。这批展览的色粉作品都是她在成都创作的,以写实风格为主。从某种角度上来说,这也是成都艺术氛围越来越好的最佳证明之一。

Time: October 31 ~ November 30
Location: Blue Roof Museum (Sam Shing Township Lotus Pond)
Theme: "Reaching the peak like ascending mount Kilimanjaro --- Nikki's Highland"
...Although this exhibition is small, it is very interesting: It is a solo show featuring work from a young American woman artist Nijishiluo (Nikki Schiro). She came to Chengdu in August from New York, to work at Highland Art District in Chengdu for three months of life and creation. She just returned to New York on Thursday. All of these works in the exhibition were created in Chengdu, the realistic style of the main. This exhibition is certain indication, one of the best evidence, that artistic atmosphere of Chengdu is becoming more and better.

Reaching the Reaching the Peak like Ascending Mount Kilimanjaro...Nikki's Highland

Solo Exhibition: Blue Roof Gallery, Chengdu, China

They told me I was the first American to have a Solo Exhibition in Chengdu...
the derivative pressure was so good.

Turns out, I was the first foreigner whatsoever to have a solo show in Chengdu. Very Cool!

Photo Day

Installation Day

Opening Reception, October 31, 2010

Highland Artists Bao Ping and Zhou Tao

artist/curator He Gong

While I was out!

Some photos and press from the exhibits at home, while I was abroad

Daily News features tART Show, August 13, 2010

Opening of tART: What's in a Collective? at A.I.R. Gallery this August

tART Panel by Suzanne Broughel How does white skin privilege affect women artists?

tART Panel Discussion Outside the Market Place, led by Yasmin Spiro

Chengdu Artist Residency and upcoming

I am thrilled to announce that I will leave for Chengdu, China, for a 3 month Artist Residency, where I will be working on a new series of paintings. While I am away, my work will be exhibited at home, in 4 fabulous exhibitions, several works at each venue. I have posted all the information I have at this time below.

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: There is a link posted to the right under "Favorites" that says "Chengdu Nikki". Click on that to stay up to date on new work and the entire experience.


tART@A.I.R.: What's in a Collective?
Curated by Anna Lise Jensen
Opening August 5, 6-8pm
August 5th - August 29th, 2010
A.I.R. Gallery
111 Front Street, #228
D.U.M.B.O., NY 11201

Visions of Dignity
September 15, 2010-February 21, 2011
Curated by Ryan Grover
The Biggs Museum of American Art
406 Federal Street
Dover, DE 19901

Featuring portraits by Nikki Schiro for
Hispanic Cultural Month
August 12-October 8, 2010
HACC Gettysburg Campus
731 Old Harrisburg Road
Gettysburg PA 17325

Harlem Art Walk
Nikki Schiro and Helen Dennis
Sat Oct. 09, 2010, 9 to 5pm
Sat. Oct 10. 2010, 9 to 5pm
EMC Arts
127 West 122nd Street
New York, NY 10027
United States of America

Laurence De Vries Opening

Laurence De Vries will be exhibiting new works on paper at
OZANEAUX Showroom throughout July and August.
Here are some photos from opening night.

Gold and Precious Stones Pin by De Vries

Nikki Schiro and Angela La Greca

Artists Nikki Schiro and Laurence De Vries

Laurence De Vries with Friend/Collector

Frederic Ozaneaux with Marion Segard

Nikki Schiro, Giovanni Bucci, Frederic Ozaneaux