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Emei Museum of Contemporary Art, Leshan Provence--International Invitational Exhibition, January 2016

Arrival in Chengdu, Getting Paintings Stretched in He Gong's Gao Di Studio

All exhibiting Artists were invited to a pre-opening reception outside the Museum.
We given traditional brush and ink and ask to sign this scroll. 

Kat and I were the only two Americans invited to be in the exhibition

Above: He Gong's Artwork
Below: The Swat Team is enchanted over and enjoying his work

The Artist He Gong (Right), British Artist Dan Preece's Paintings in the Background

The artwork of my Colleague, Former Classmate and Very Good Friend, Helen Dennis, hangs on the left

Revenge, Finding Ganesh Series, Painting by Nikki Schiro at Emei MoCa,

Site II
Finding Ganesh, from Finding Ganesh Series, Painting by Nikki Schiro at Emei MoCa

Chairman of Leshan (Center) censored my Rape Painting the day before Opening Reception.

The censored painting was held, unseen,  in a room, in the main building, for the duration of the exhibition.