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Reflections on Pussy Riot

Reflections on Pussy Riot

I will be exhibiting with tART @ Verge Art Fair
The  exhibit will be curated by Michael Workman/Antidote
Exhibit features a reading salon with tART publications, including our latest zine featuring an essay by feminist scholar Katerina Liskova.

VERGE ART MIAMI BEACH AT THE GREENVIEW HOTEL1671 Washington Avenue @ 17th Street
December 6-9, 2012
PUBLIC HOURSFriday & Saturday, 6 - 8 December, Noon to 8 pm
Sunday, 9 December, Noon to 6 pm
OPENING NIGHT PARTY Thursday, 6 December, 2012, 6:00 pm to 10pm
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Verge is an international platform for the most exciting and interesting in new and emerging art. Verge exists to establish boundaries of the extraordinary as a counter to the natural compulsion towards stagnation in the way art is evaluated and delivered to the public. Staying true to this necessary state for the advancement of art requires a sustained focus on the best new ideas and practices of those marginal or newly emerging to international art audiences. The satisfaction of this fixed requirement for a healthy and competitive artistic culture is at the core of Verge as an international exposition of the highest quality artistic production and the galleries, museums and audiences who sustain it. 

Opening Reception of "Let them Find an Effigy, They'll Never Find Me" @ Crossing Art Gallery, NY. Photos by Mel Yalcin

Wins & Stacy

The Now Proud Owners of Paolo, Art and Eugenie Spiguel

The Johnny & Nikki Room

Frederic Ozaneaux and Nikki Schiro

Nikki with Gloria Um

Artists Nikki Schiro and Zilvinas Kempinas

Mel Yalcin and Nikki Schiro

Johnny & Nikki Room

Schiro肖像畫 今起法拉盛展出 記者朱蕾紐約報導

Nikki Schiro(左一)很高興在皇后區日新月藝畫廊舉辦個人作品展,右一為劉比華。(記者朱蕾/攝影)
Nikki Schiro(左一)很高興在皇后區日新月藝畫廊舉辦個人作品展,右一為劉比華。(記者朱蕾/攝影)

法拉盛日新月藝畫廊14日為即將展出的「我在哪裡( 世界新聞網-北美華文新聞、華商資訊 - Schiro肖像畫 今起法拉盛展出 ..... (click to read article)